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NHS Special Projects

The Spectacle of Toleration

Visit www.spectacleoftoleration.org It is much in their hearts (if they may be permitted), to hold forth a lively experiment, that a most flourishing civill state may stand and best bee maintained, and that among our English subjects, with a full libertie in religious concernements… – King Charles II Charter, 1663 …Read More

Lost & Found!

View the Lost & FOUND archives! Overview The Lost & Found project is a multi-year effort to gain appropriate intellectual control over a large, important, and multi-media collection at the Newport Historical Society. Phased originally to take place over 5 years, it was the goal of the project to assemble …Read More

An American Experiment: Video

Project Budget: $15,000 Raised to date: $10,000  The Newport Historical Society is producing a 20 minute video that highlights the unique story of Colonial Newport.  “An American Experiment” discusses, and illustrates Newport’s origins in religious strife and the establishment of religious tolerance as civic policy, our commercial “Golden Age” in the mid-18th …Read More

Adopt a Painting Program

The Historical Society has begun a process of conserving its important paintings collection with the help of our members and supporters. In 2009, four paintings and their historic frames were repaired and cleaned, including the portrait of Captain Stanhope pictured here. For a modest investment, generally under $2,000, each painting was …Read More

Found! John Adams Letter to Newport

The Newport Historical Society’s archival collections are currently being reorganized and rehoused. While most of the collection is cataloged, at least in part, we are regularly “finding” items that have not been seen or studied in many decades. In 1798, President John Adams corresponded with many cities and localities after his administration severed …Read More

Museum Assessment Program

The NHS has recently completed a rigorous Museum Assessment Program, sponsored by the American Association of Museums. The Museum Assessment Program (MAP) helps improve operations through a consultative process. The AAM provides guidance in meeting priorities and goals and understanding how the museum compares to standards and best practices. Participating …Read More